• TQIntelligence Platform

    Our Intelligent Systems

  • What We Do

    Gain Insights. Gain Power.

    Decision Support at-the-Point-Care

    Machine Learning Analytics

    The Psychiatric Severity Index Youth is an algorithm that supports healthcare providers at-the-point-of-care to make treatment decisions based on objective data

    Analytics Supporting Value-Based Compensation

    Funding Source-Provider Collaboration

    Our Outcomes Management Analytic Solutions Support real-time collaboration between healthcare providers and funding sources throughTQI's shared web-based interfaces to track outcomes data to facilitate value-based payment models

  • Features

    Instant Outcome. Meaningful and Actionable Data.

    Machine Learning Analytics

    The platform integrates software sub-platforms with machine learning and innovative data visualizations capabilities that are designed to provide ultra-fast, ultra-high-resolution data analytics.

    Real-Time Prediction

    Our real-time clinical support solutions provide precision-integrated guidance to help the healthcare providers track the progress. More accurate and efficient decision support tools for healthcare providers is achievable.

    NCQA Compliance

    Our system has significantly improved behavioral health providers to become more compliant with NCQA HEDIS Measurement. Therapist and Clinical Supervisors are alerted about patients that require intervention and follow up care.

    Multifaceted Data Sources

    TQIntelligence will incorporate advances in digital health, and big-data analytics designed to help healthcare providers at the point-of-care to intervene with the right patients, at the right time, in the right way.