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Meet the Entrepreneurs Pushing Boundaries in Mental Health at the 2020 StartUp Health Festival

12/12/19, 12:00 AM

The DSM-5 tells us that there are approximately 300 mental disorders. We live in a world where 600 million people suffer from depression and an epidemic of loneliness threatens our elderly population. Advances in mental health research have shown us deeper and more nuanced ways of understanding how our chemistry and environments affect our brains, and our behavior. The Mental Health and Happiness Moonshot reimagines what it means to thrive, feeling whole inside and out. It means using telemedicine and smartphones to expand the reach of mental health services. It means gamifying healthy habits in a community of peers. And it means expanding our definition of happiness in ways that we can’t even fathom yet.

Meet the entrepreneurs and innovators from 11 StartUp Health companies who will be at the 2020 StartUp Health Festival this January (Jan 13–14) in San Francisco, sharing how they are doing their part to connect mind, body and spirit in the pursuit of wellbeing. While their work spans the spectrum of mental health — from social health prescriptions to innovative stress management solutions — they are united under the Mental Health & Happiness Moonshot.

Can’t make it to San Francisco in January? Tune into the exclusive two-day event via our live stream on, featuring talks from the Health Moonshot Stage and StartUp Health TV, showcasing over 150 healthtech entrepreneurs, CEOs and innovators.

12/12/19, 12:00 AM

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