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Family Ties Enterprises, Inc. and TQIntelligence Launch A Voice AI Digital Health Solution for Georgia Youth

4/11/22, 12:00 AM

ATLANTA, April 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Family Ties Enterprises, Inc. and TQIntelligence today announced that Family Ties Enterprises, Inc. will integrate Clarity AI, TQIntelligence's digital health platform, into in-school programs throughout Georgia to provide mental health services to the most vulnerable patient population.

TQIntelligence's Clarity AI features a unique voice-based algorithm that objectively identifies and targets high-risk patients to improve treatment outcomes, reduce unnecessary hospitalizations, ER visits, and other high-dollar services. Using predictive analytics to manage high-risk patients in this way supports Family Ties Enterprises, Inc.'s vision of being a data-driven behavioral health organization.

Family Ties Enterprises, Inc. will be piloting Clarity AI in its school-based program, which serves more than 90 schools in Georgia, and has been awarded the APEX grant, with school year 2022-2023 being its second-year funding. The grant, which is sanctioned through the Governor's office of Georgia, strives to build capacity, and increase access to mental health services for school-aged youth, Pre-Kindergarten to 12th grade, throughout the state.

"The youth and families served in our Intensive In-Home behavioral health programs represent some of the most complex youth in the Georgia system of care," said Ciara Green, CEO of Family Ties Enterprises, Inc. "These are youth that due to exposure are usually plagued with complex trauma and higher ratings on clinical assessment scales; we have a history of using evidence based modalities to address complex trauma. Due to attrition in the field on a national level right now, cases at times can also be staffed by clinicians that are newer in the field, so I am beyond thrilled that we are putting this innovative tool in their toolbelts."

The two organizations will use the cutting-edge voice algorithm to support school systems as a whole. Schools have been under a great deal of pressure to address additional trauma-related cases brought about by COVID. The new initiative will focus on improving mental health outcomes for this population with the goal of improving the quality of life of youth, increasing their level of function, and improving academic performance.

"COVID has disproportionately impacted underserved communities that were struggling before COVID and schools need innovative technologies to measure students' trauma burden," said Dr. Yared Alemu, founder and CEO of TQIntelligence. "Our digital health solutions help identify trauma severity quickly, track treatment outcomes systematically, and monitor high-risk students remotely."

4/11/22, 12:00 AM

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