• Team Profiles

    We've Got a Top Notch Team!

  • Yared Alemu, Ph.D.​

    Founder and CEO

    Solving a big problem, so few understand in a startup environment is a challenge. The mental health outcomes disparities for at-risk youth has been persistence for decades; the population impacted by this lack of adequate care are the 48-million children covered through Medicaid and CHIP. Poor care is expensive, including higher rates of incarceration, academic problems, and higher overall healthcare cost. Our team has been focused on designing digital-behavioral-health and Machine Learning Analytics solutions to improve and eventually eliminate the outcomes disparities for at-risk youth. We are part of a community of mission-driven private enterprises that are driven to be good stewards for our shareholders while doing the same thing for our clients and employees.


    Aki Onozuka-Evans

    Director, Business Strategy

    Aki is an experienced management consultant with over 15 years’ experience on national and international strategic planning projects in various industries. At TQIntelligence, Aki will define strategic directions while assessing all critical elements to the organization, including marketing, process engineering, product development and organization design.

    David Luxton, Ph.D.​

    Chief Science and Strategic Officer

    David has been focusing his research and writings in the areas of technology-based psychological treatments, telehealth, and emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) applications in mental health care. Much of his work has been on telemental health with an emphasis on clinical best-practices. He served as a Principal Investigator or Co-Investigator on several federally funded clinical trials. He provides subject matter expertise and consultation in the areas of telehealth and technology in mental health.

     Sonali Govindaluri 

    Lead Software Engineer

    Sonali graduated from Georgia Tech with a Masters degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering, with a specialization in Signal Processing and Machine Learning. Much of her work thus far has been in speech and natural language processing, particularly in sociolinguistics. At TQ Intelligence, her focus is on developing algorithms and data models for population health management and improving the quality of analytics solutions. She is passionate about making mental health care more accessible and aims to use her technical expertise in aiding the cause.

    Eddie Lippett​

    Director of Technology Implementation and Engagement

    Eddie Lippett is an Executive Management Consultant with greater than 15 years. He previously served as Executive Vice President of Operations for a Georgia-based community behavioral health organization with over 1200 patients served monthly, Eddie has successfully created, piloted, and implemented organizational programs which enhanced service delivery efficiency, improved retention, and increased organizational engagement. As Director of Implementation, Eddie’s primary responsibility is to create, execute and evaluate implementation models that drive organizational and patient engagement with TQintelligence products, programs, and services.