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    TQ-Intelligence is our cutting-edge patient management product deployed in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. TQ-Intelligence incorporates the insights from voice/speech analytics and other psychometrically sound instruments. Our proprietary algorithm is derived using Machine Learning analytics and intended to give healthcare providers objective, and continuous data to identify the severity of the patient’s emotional distress and track treatment outcomes. A data-driven approach to treatment planning and outcomes management can reduce the cost of care and improve treatment outcomes simultaneously.

  • Features

    Instant Outcome. Meaningful and Actionable Information.

    Machine Learning Analytics

    The platform integrates software sub-platforms with machine learning capabilities and innovative data visualizations capabilities that are designed to provide ultra-fast, ultra-high-resolution data analytics.

    Knowledge Graph

    The Knowledge Graph results will help create a better patient experience for users at the top of the funnel who depends on the content that is easily digested and will enable a more refined understanding of the patient's situation to the healthcare providers.

    Real Time Prediction

    Our real-time clinical support solutions provide precision-integrated guidance to help the healthcare providers interpret challenging cases. More accurate and efficient decision support tools for healthcare providers is achievable.