• Our Interns

    Maria Paula Martinez

    Maria Paula is currently pursuing a BS in Biomedical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology and a BS in Neuroscience from Emory University. She joined the TQIntelligence team in May as a Health IT Consultant. For the past two years, she has been a part of Prime Consulting, a student-run consulting firm that works with local and small business to improve and strengthen their business strategy.

    Liren Yu

    Liren “Monna” Yu holds a BSCS degree of Computer Science from Georgia Tech. With former experience working at various industries: electronics, finance, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare, she is currently working on Java, SQL, and JavaScript programming. After joining the TQI Crew, she is developing the HEDIS Compliance Dashboard.

    Feng Xiong

    Feng Xiong, now a second year master student in Georgia Institute of Technology, I'm in the TQ Analytics Dashboard team, now working with Monna (Liren Yu) on the compliance panel.


    Hongchu Shen graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology with master's degrees from chemical engineering and economics. He's working with the business development group and hopefully to grow along side with TQIntelligence.


    Brett is an undergraduate CS major at Georgia Tech with threads in People and Intelligence. He is interested in applying technology to improve quality of life.

    Ankita Gupta

    Ankita is working on her Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering at Georgia Tech. She really enjoys the work she is able to do at TQIntelligence. The diverse culture of TQIntelligence has given her opportunity to work with people from many different background and experiences.

    Ashish Tiwari

    Ashish Tiwari is pursuing MS in computer science at Georgia State University. He has joined TQ intelligence as a Data Scientist intern to provide useful insights in the data that will help in the betterment of the healthcare industry. He is passionate towards using his innovative ideas, profound skills set and enthusiasm for machine learning to provide better solutions in the industry. His research and projects reflects his idealogy that innovation is key to the future.