• Transforming the world of behavioral health ecosystem through clinical-intelligence

    TQIntelligence is a Patient-Driven Population-Health Outcomes-Management Platform.

    We use innovative data analytics technology platform to discover hidden patterns and insights to patient engagement and healthcare operations.

    We strive to empower behavioral health organizations with analytics that would transform their practices to be more cost effective with higher quality care.

  • What We Do


    Clinical Intelligence

    TQIntelligence is developing a Patient-Driven Population Health Management Platform. The platform will be deployed within a cloud based architecture that enables integration of clinical, scientific, and exogenous data in structured, unstructured or semi-structured formats, and will offer cognitive insights into risk stratification, treatment outcomes tracking, and personalized behavioral health interventions.

    Quality of Care

    We strive to improve overall quality of care through best practices in outcomes science and application the most advanced data analytic technology. Our technology and methodology bring a new way of managing old problems with new data models to help healthcare providers better understand their patients so that high quality care is accessible to all despite their income levels.

    Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

    TQIntelligence is building a game-changing platform that is aligned with NIMH’s RDoC criteria, enabling large population based screening to evaluate natural clustering of symptoms and their severity. TQIntelligence Inc. is leveraging compelling research findings with state of the art ML algorithms that take voice/emotion/face and other passive data analytics technology to classify mental health conditions and their severity. This proprietary innovative technology will allow diagnoses to align with natural symptom clusters which will, in turn, allow better efficacy of treatment

  • What We Offer

    Gain Insights. Gain Power.


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    TQ-Intelligence is our cutting edge patient management product deployed in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. TQ-Intelligence incorporates the insights from multiple data sources, including voice/speech, face/emotion recognition technologies, wearables and smartphones. We intend to transform the behavioral healthcare ecosystem by leveraging these next-generation data collection and Machine Learning analytics technologies in order to cater to changes in healthcare, that is increasingly personalized, quality-driven, and focused on prevention.


    Ready Today!

    TQ-Analytics will bring you a clear picture of your organization's clinical operations from both business and clinical point of view. Using some of the best data visualization tool, TQ Analytics offers solutions using existing EMR data with actionable insights that can bring more impactful results to business and clinical operations. TQ-Analytics is developed in collaboration with community behavioral health providers, in an effort to address their technological infrastructural challenges To this end, we’ve completed analytics on 28,000 patients, 3-years of treatment data, and built an integrated propriety software that is intended to address the operational, clinical and revenue-cycle management efficiency needs of large size community behavioral health providers. Version I of the software is available currently for sale while we continue to make improvements in collaboration with our current customers.

  • How Does It Work?

    Seamless Integration.   Comprehensive Data Sources.   Real-time Analytics.

    Multifaceted Data Sources

    TQIntelligence will incorporate advances in digital health and big data analytics to design cost effective analytics solutions to assist treatment providers and funding sources in their effort to advanced quality metrics. Analytics solutions, delivered in real-time, can be able to detect high-risk behavior for proactively intervening prior to unnecessary hospitalizations and life-threatening behavior.


    Real-Time Data Analytics and Integration

    TQIntelligence is a Patient-Driven Population Health Management Platform, deployed in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, for a seamless integration with the healthcare organization’s existing technology infrastructure.

    Easy to Adopt

    TQIntelligence cloud environment enables integration of clinical, scientific, and exogenous data in structured formats, and will offer cognitive insights into risk stratification, treatment outcomes tracking and personalized behavioral healthcare

  • Why TQIntelligence?

    Instant Outcome. Meaningful and Actionable Information.

    Machine Learning Analytics

    The platform integrates software sub-platforms with machine learning capabilities and innovative data visualizations capabilities that are designed to provide ultra-fast, ultra-high-resolution, data analytics.

    Clinical Outcomes

    The platform will improve outcomes and lower costs, by connecting predictive analytics with workflow automation tools that enable behavioral health service provider teams and funding sources to intervene with the right patients at the right time in the right way.

    Patient Engagement

    We agree with innovators in this sector that patient engagement is the blockbuster drug of the 21st century. Our focus on the publicly funded behavioral sector have higher rates of co-occurring disorder and accounts for the disproportionate percentage of the patients categorized as Superutilizers. We intend develop technologies to engage such high-risk clients outside of the routine scheduled appointments to improve treatment outcomes and save cost

    Operational Efficiency

    Our software product, TQ-Analytic, using EMR data, evaluates the efficiency of clinical, operational and revenue cycle management. This includes integrated dashboards for clinical, operational and Revenue Cycle Management efficiency. The design of the dashboard is user-centered, efficient, intuitive, and easy to use.

    Service Integrity

    The publicly funded behavioral sector has higher incidents of waste, fraud and abuse. Our platform creates transparency by using one of our innovative passive data collection tools for verification of service delivery. The primary process of measuring outcomes should first verify the encounter between patient and provider; our technology facilitates supervision of services remotely for community based, out of clinic service types.

    Outcome Disparities

    There is a growing psychiatric disorder burden in low resourced communities. In order to meet this challenge, TQIntelligence is developing effective, population-specific behavioral disorder classifications, with the capacity for automatic, more objective, scalable, and easy to use technological solutions to determine the severity of mental illness accurately and early in the treatment process.

  • Profiles

    We've got a top notch team!

    Yared Alemu, Ph. D.

    Founder and CEO

    Dr. Alemu is a passionate advocate for eliminating outcome disparities in behavioral health sector for persons of color and people with lower-socioeconomic status. The proper use of meaningful data can address this endemic public health problem, which constitute a distributive justice issue in American public life.

    Aki Onozuka-Evans

    Director, Business Strategy

    Aki is an experienced management consultant with over 15 years’ experience on national and international strategic planning projects in various industries. At TQIntelligence, Aki will define strategic directions while assessing all critical elements to the organization, including marketing, process engineering, product development and organization design.

    John Hope

    Chief Technology Officer

    John has been a technologist for the last 31 years. His specialty is understanding difficult business challenges and applying advanced technologies to address these challenges. John measures success by increasing revenue, reducing costs, improving operational efficiency and mitigating risks. His expertise includes application development, network design and architecture, cyber security, data management, big data technologies and advanced analytics.

    Donald Lamar

    Director, Business Development Federal Markets

    Donald is a seasoned Business Development Consultant, Entrepreneur and Senior Program Manager with over 25 years’ experience in the Federal, State, and commercial markets guiding innovative companies to define and reach goals and other key measures of success. Leveraging a unique combination of technical and strategic abilities in a consultative approach to solve business challenges with emphasis on Big Data Analytics Strategy, Donald applies the methodologies, standards, and principles need to penetrate markets vested in the client’s interest.

    David Luxton, PH.D.

    Chief Science and Strategic Officer

    David has been focusing his research and writings in the areas of technology-based psychological treatments, telehealth, and emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) applications in mental health care. Much of his work has been on telemental health with an emphasis on clinical best-practices. He served as a Principal Investigator or Co-Investigator on several federally funded clinical trials. He provides subject matter expertise and consultation in the areas of telehealth and technology in mental health.

    Jason Koo

    Branding and Data Analytics Intern

    Jason is a Computer Science student currently enrolled in Georgia Institute of Technology. Much of his experience lies in app development, data structures and algorithms. He is part of Georgia Tech's VIP program, and has worked on projects using computer vision and embedded systems.

    Xiao Han

    Web Development Intern

    Xiao Han is a master student studying computer science and engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology. His background includes web development, machine learning and simulation design. He is currently working on D3 (Data-Driven Document) at TQintelligence to apply advanced data vitalization.

    Hantao Yang

    Web Development Intern


    Hantao Yang is a 2nd year masters student at Georgia Institute of Technology, double majoring in computational science and engineering,  and in civil and environmental engineering. He is mainly responsible for the Android aplication development at TQI.

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